Silica Slayer

What is it?


The Silica Slayer Slayer by FlowZone is a one-man system that allows concrete contractors to comply with the new Table 1 Compliance, via OSHA Silica rules. It is a backpack water reservoir with a lithium-ion powered pump that delivers water to demo saws and core drills, eliminating silica dust remnants, turning a two-man job into one. When worn as a backpack the Silica Slayer connects to a demo saw and creates an automatic water feed. It can also be used to spray cure and other liquids. Its battery life lasts up to three hours and produces a steady water stream, making it an easy task for one person.

Below is a breakdown of the product specs showing this as the most versatile and lowest cost
product for Table 1 Compliance:

Spray Time Up to 3 hours
Spray Distance >30 Feet
Dual Speed Switch 70 or 115 psi
Total Output Up to 85 gallons
Lithium-ion Battery 18V 5.2Ah
Flow Rate 1 gallon Every 1.5 minutes
Pump Type Diaphragm
Charge Time 1.5 hours

The comparison to the Silica Slayer is the Chapin Sprayer. It’s a 3.5-gallon Tri-Poxy lined, steel tank sprayer that can accomplish the same tasks as the Silica Slayer; however, it requires more effort and more labor hours. In order to use the sprayer, it involves manually pumping the tank to build pressure releasing the water stream. Below are the specs pertaining to the Chapin Sprayer:

Spray Time Based on pumps
Spray Distance 3 Feet
Dual Speed Switch 40-60 psi
Total Output Based on pumps
Lithium-ion Battery N/A
Flow Rate 5 gpm-1.0 gpm
Pump Type Piston
Charge Time N/A

Both Sprayers produce the same result and accomplish the same goal. The catch is that one makes it easier than the other to complete in a timely, more efficient manner. While the Chapin Sprayer comes in at a cheaper rate, the Silica Slayer, over time, increases productivity and allows for more time spent on other pieces of the job.

Our Choice 

The Silica Slayer is the only battery device on the market that actually controls silica dust using a portable tank while using demolition saws and core drills. Using this product can increase your profits by working faster with fewer workers. The Silica Sprayer is capable of spraying cure and other liquids at a much more efficient pace than the Chapin can. From our experience, customers using the Silica Slayer are more than satisfied as it allows them to work faster and more efficiently, contributing to their bottom line.

To get a better idea of Silica Slayer versus the Chapin Sprayer check out the below video:

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