1107 Grout or General Purpose Non Shrink Grout

By Holly Kirkwood

Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout is one of the most common items in the industry, but why? I think first it’s important to understand what grout is, then we can dig into the good stuff. Grout is a high density, extremely strong cementitious material used to fill gaps or used as reinforcement in existing structures. Most people think of grout when referring to tiling a kitchen or bathroom for at home projects. On a larger scale, such as machinery, structural, or anchoring we rely on 1107 Grout or Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout. NOTE: 1107 means that it is compliant with the ASTM C1107 requirements.

Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout is a high strength, non-metallic, cement based material with expansive additives for grouting steel columns, bearing plates, pre-cast concrete, and anchoring applications (Quikrete.com). 1107 grout is designed to provide a controlled, positive expansion to ensure an excellent load bearing area.

Below are some of the most common uses of 1107 Grout:

• Structural column base plates
• Pump and machinery bases
• Anchor Bolts
• Dowels
• Bearing pads
• Keyway joints

When you see tall, steel beams holding up structures, grout was used to add to the stability and security of the beams. Because of its non-shrink characteristics, using grout creates stability and allows for higher load transfers (quikrete.com). Other uses can be filling in the space between brick walls and the ground it sits upon, demonstrated in the picture below.


For best use, it’s advised to prepare the surfaces receiving grout. Surfaces must be clear of any foreign substances such as grease, oil, paint, and dust. It is best to clean surfaces thoroughly and ensure that the existing concrete or stabilizer is stable and sound. In some cases, you may have to roughen the surfaces to ensure the bond.


When surfaces are adequate, the mixture can be mixed and applied. When mixing 1107 Grout its best to use a mortar mixer. If one is not available, or you are using a smaller amount, it can be mixed with a drill and paddle. Add only enough water to achieve the flow required for the application and then mix for no less than 5 minutes. If grout is over watered or overworked, it results in the mixture bleeding or segregating.


Once the mixture is complete, you can place the grout into desired areas like those discussed above. Place the grout quickly and continuously using light rodding to eliminate air bubbles (Quikrete.com). The grout needs to be placed within 15 minutes of mixing to ensure a quality product for your job.


Curing grout may be the most important step when applying. In order to have 1107 grout work effectively, you need to let the product cure. A damp cure of at least 3 days is necessary to control the non-shrink characteristics and maintain strength levels.

Using Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout does not have to be difficult. After use, it’s an easy cure and clean-up. At Outpost, we recommend this and this for all your grouting needs.

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