Anycut Wheel

By Joe Kirkwood and Holly Kirkwood

Those of us who have used Anycut Blades might be so bold as to say it takes the place of all abrasive blades! Bold, I know, but it’s true. Anycut Blades are designed to cut materials such as concrete, steel, plastic, and wood, to name a few. That covers a lot of materials! So, why isn’t everyone using them? Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge as Anycut wheels are typically more expensive….in the short term.

Anycut wheels from Diteq are our preferred blade. They are faster, safer, cleaner and lighter than your typical abrasive blade. Because the wheels are vacuum-bonded diamond wheels, they are able to maintain their full cutting depth and have 30% less sparking. If safety is a thought for you and you’re in an area that has any fire hazards, these are a no brainer.

Typically, abrasive blades are used for similar cutting projects. However, the longevity of these blades is nowhere near that of Anycuts. We have found that for every 1 Anycut blade used, you will change an abrasive blade 70-100 times! That’s a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time spent on one project! So, even though these blades are priced higher, the lifespan of each blade saves you more money over time. If longevity isn’t your goal, one of our regular abrasive blades might be more than enough for your job!

Some of the benefits of Anycut blades are listed here:
• Less spark
• Less debris
• Maintains Diameter
• Fast Speed
• Better Life
• No Breakage

Anycut blades come in cut-off, chop saw, grinding, and cut n’ grind wheels. These wheels provide a clean-cut and little wear after cutting materials like steel! Don’t believe us? I think this video can convince you.

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