Best Gloves in the Business

By Colby Azinger

When thinking of construction, most think about PPE right away and all the gear needed on site. Working construction, what’s your most valuable tool? Your hands! Did you know that roughly 63% of hand injuries on the job come from lacerations alone? That doesn’t’ take into account all the crushes, fractures, and punctures. So why not have the best possible protection for those precious hands of yours? You only get one pair! We’re here to tell you about our best sellers and what you should have on the job site to get the job done safely.

Our best-selling gloves are the Pyramex, GL601DP. They are a comfy, tight-fitted glove that you will be glad to have around. This is a dipped glove, meaning it is dipped in Nitrile to help with extra protection from abrasions, lacerations, and punctures. This glove is great in many construction situations due to its durability and lightweight feel. They come with dotted palms to help with your grip, a reinforced thumb Saddle for extra support. These gloves are tear and abrasion-resistant, with additional foam coating that acts like a sponge to help increase gripping power. From my own experience wearing them daily, I can tell you they feel great and I would highly recommend a pair of these gloves for day to day work and hand protection.

Pyramex Gloves

Many of our customers around the country have to work through winter and need something to keep those prized tools warm. If you’re working in colder conditions but still want that cut resistant, we recommend another option for you. This glove is the GL505: a fleece-lined working glove that gives the extra warmth to keep those hands working properly in more extreme conditions. They are similar to the GL601DP but come with a far warmer lining. These gloves are cut and abrasion-resistant, along with being waterproof. Who wouldn’t like to have some gloves while working in colder conditions that are waterproof!



I highly recommend both options. They will keep your most expensive tools safe while still allowing freedom of movement full functionality. One or both of these gloves are a must when working in construction. Each glove is tested to meet standards for all general construction.