By Joe Kirkwood and Holly Kirkwood

Brushes & Brooms

Why brooms and brushes? Because brooms and brushes are on every job site in America and there are so many options for your line of work, it might blow your mind. We stock tons, but most manufacturers don’t hold a candle to Magnolia Brush and Kraft Tools for any job site needs. We often receive questions on the best type of broom to use and when to use it. Seems simple, but there are brushes for everything. We’ve listed a few of our most popular and all their uses!

Push Brooms

Let’s start with push brooms. How do you use them? Well…. you push them! Anything in the push broom category generally has a long handle attached that allows the user to reach the floor without bending over. The brush types vary from street brushes to corn brushes. With push brooms you have a variety of options, a few are listed below:

  • Fine Bristle – brooms that are used smooth surfaces to sweep up fine dust
  • Medium push -brooms used for surfaces that are more porous (Ex. Non coated floors)
  • Street brooms – these brooms have long, stiff bristles that are used for sweeping rough surfaces. These are usually stiff enough to get down into small cracks such as sidewalks or asphalt.

Another frequently used ‘broom’ with a long handle can be seen around all concrete pours. Concrete finishing brooms are used to provide a fine finish on newly poured concrete. The bristles sit solidly in wood. This type of broom creates texture on concrete to provide a less slippery surface, especially where water may make contact and there is heavy foot traffic.

Hand Held Brushes

Another popular brush is the water brush. The water brush is used to finish concrete and to apply damp proofing to concrete walls. Other uses include cleaning or applying any time of paint or mixture to masonry brick, tile, and stone. It is a versatile utility brush because of its long Tampico, porous fibers that hold water for cleaning or application purposes.

Chip brushes are considered a versatile brush. A lot of times they are used for brushing metal and wood chips from machinery that the user should not be touching. Think of this as your ‘jack of all trades’ use it for dry material cleanup or one time, cheap wet use brush that will find itself in a garbage can before long.

 When we say squeegees, we don’t mean the ones at the gas station that clean your windows. Industrial squeegees are used for pushing liquid such as water out of the way. Most commonly used are the squeegees with a curved design because it allows for you to hold more liquid in as you push.

If you didn’t know there was a brush or broom for everything, now you do! Check out all our brooms and brushes here and here. Use code BROOM to receive $10.00 your next order.