Construction Personal Protective Equipment

By Carl Hohman

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, protects workers from workplace hazards. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration applies special standards for PPE used in construction. According to OSHA, personal protective equipment must be used or worn by workers to protect them from dangers in the workplace that may cause serious injury or illness such as chemical, physical, electrical, mechanical or other workplace hazards. All commercial construction sites require shirts with sleeves, pants, hard hats, safety glasses, steel-toed boots, and high viz vests. Many are starting to require hearing protection, gloves and much more regardless of your role or location.


Pyramex Safety Products

Founded in 1991 with over 2,000 distributors in 60 countries, Pyramex is one of the leading manufacturers of safety supplies. Though they started out specializing primarily in safety glasses, Pyramex safety products now include a line of hard hats, hearing protection, high visibility clothing and more.



Pyramex Safety Glasses

OSHA requires eye protection for jobs which expose workers to particles, debris, dust, molten metal, chemical hazards, or harmful light radiation. The majority of impact injuries result from flying or falling objects or sparks striking the eye. Pyramex has grown to be one of the top four producers of safety eyewear. These ANSI compliant Pyramex safety glasses and goggles are worn and trusted by thousands of workers every day



Pyramex Safety Helmets

In construction, there is a heightened danger of falling objects, overhead electrical hazards and fixed objects that someone could bump their head into. Head injuries can cause debilitating damage or death, so head protection meeting ANSI standards is required on any construction job site. Keep your head protected with Pyramex safety helmets. One can choose from several helmet styles, including ANSI type one compliant cap style and full brim helmets.


Pyramex Hearing Protection

Many times job sites have noise levels requiring some form of hearing protection. Any noise levels in the workplace that exceed OSHA limits, or are too loud to have a conversation, workers need hearing protection. Pyramex hearing protection includes ear muffs and ear plugs. The earplugs come in three options, including banded earplugs, disposable earplugs, and reusable earplugs.


Pyramex High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing must be worn on any construction work site. It is imperative that any person on a construction site can be seen by others. Pyramex offers a wide range of hi-viz apparel. Pyramex’s high visibility clothing includes both ANSI and non ANSI compliant safety vests and shirts in hi-viz yellow, lime and orange colors.

In short, PPE is an essential part of keeping workers safe on any job site. Based on statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics study:

• Hard hats are worn by only 16% of workers who sustain serious head injuries.
• Face protection is worn by only 1% of workers who sustain serious face injuries.
• Eye protection is worn by only 40% of workers who sustain serious eye injuries.

Safety is one of Outpost’s top priorities. We want our customers to stay safe on the job and come home to their families each night. Regardless of the hazards involved and the level of protection needed for your job site, we have the Pyramex safety products for you.