Cooking Oil?

By Marcus Kirkwood

Is there anything worse than putting something in the oven, smelling it cook and taking it out, only to find that half of your dinner is stuck to the pan?

Wait are you saying pan or Pam? Pan with an ‘M’ like Panm? If you haven’t seen Step Brothers, stop reading this blog immediately and spend 2 hours of your time very wisely.


Back to the point. Having your dinner stick to the pan is the start of a hunger filled and rough night. By no means is that something to take lightly, but with delivery services and fast food, it’s a cheap fix. Having your concrete stick to a form on the other hand, is a very very expensive problem. The golden arches can’t fix that.

Unnecessary Expenses

Whether your concrete is structural or aesthetic, having a giant lump of concrete missing is an unacceptable error, often requiring someone to cut a section of concrete out only to pay to repour it. This is an obviously costly error that can easily be avoided. What do we recommend? A healthy dose of form release applied to your concrete forms using a Chapin Sprayer or (if you take great care of it) a Silica Slayer with the right attachments.

At Outpost, we recommend form release products from WR Meadows and Dayton Superior. In today’s construction world, it’s important to take into account any green building requirements that may be on your job. There are now a plethora of options in the industry now with both petroleum-based and water-based products acting as effective agents.

Duogard form release


You can find a solution to fit almost any need you have in concrete forming. As can be seen in the links above, there are options for winter-grade form releases that stand up against colder temperatures. There are options that react to specific chemicals in concrete causing the concrete to stick. There are your typical slippery compound that just doesn’t allow two items to stick together. There are even options that don’t make your job site smell like a chemical plant. And that’s not a gimmick. In fact, our most commonly sold form release is Duogard Citrus sold in both a 5-gallon bucket and a 55-gallon drum. I can almost smell the oranges from here.

In reality, the option you choose is based on your preferences and the requirements of your job. Always check your specs to make sure you’re compliant. Whichever option you choose, check out our website or give us a call at 720.979.1099 and let us take care of your form release needs