Dayton Superior Epoxies

By Sean Davis

Dayton Superior Epoxies are specifically formulated and engineered for use in professional concrete repair, restoration and patching applications. Various types of epoxies offered by Dayton Superior can be used for anchoring, bonding, crack repairs, flooring, cold weather anchoring (the all-weather version), anti-corrosion coating, grouting and in many other ways.

Epoxies consist of two different components that react with each other to form a hard, immovable material. Some of the features and benefits of Dayton Superior Epoxies include: high-strength structural adhesive, easy dispensing, moisture tolerant, fast-setting and non-sag gel consistency. Epoxies also undergo very minimal shrinkage, whereas polyester alternatives could shrink up to 10-15%.

Epoxies can be rated from low viscosity to high viscosity. Low means there is more fluidity and high means less fluid, like gel. The viscosity of an epoxy is measured in units called Centispoise (cps). They are also rated by Modules (also low to high). The Modules are in reference to the elasticity and are typically measured in psi or MPa. It is a measure of the material stiffness once it has cured. A High Module epoxy would be used for things like stress transfer vs. a Low Module epoxy which would be more forgiving.


Some of our more popular options are Sure Anchor, Sure Bond, Sure Patch, Sure Inject and for us here in Colorado All Weather J51. If you're not sure which Epoxy is best for you check out Dayton Superiors application chart.


Basically, if you have anything that needs to be sealed, attached, patched or anchored (among other things) - Dayton Superior Epoxies is your new go-to answer. My wife has even used it to repair the soles of her boots AND reattach the handle after it broke off of our favorite coffee mug from the Galapagos Islands! Be sure to place your order today through Outpost Construction Supply.