By Nick Rollo

What is a Filtrexx Siltoxx?

Flitrexx Siltsoxx is a new alternative to sediment control. Its fast installation, durability and overall affordability make this product the industry leader in sediment control.

Filtrexx Siltsoxx is a three-dimensional tubular device made of recycled Filter Media, the key element of Flitrexx Siltsoxx. Depending on its application and Media type, the Filtrexx Siltsoxx can help reduce, divert, clean and even filter stormwater runoff. The Media is encased in Filtrexx Mesh, a dependable design that allows water to filter through the Media and hold up under extreme conditions.

Silt Fence Vs. Straw Wattle

Silt Fence or “Filter Fence” is a low-cost option on construction sites to keep runoff water from making its way into nearby streams, rivers, lakes or seas.

Silt Fences simple design typically comes in 3’ x 100’ fabric or film with 11- 17 stakes to apply for stability. The thin fabric or film is designed to catch sediment runoff but does not offer any filtration features.

While Silt Fences can be a cheaper option for sediment control, the labor needed to install a Silt Fence can drive up the overall sediment control budget due to the timely installation process.

Straw Wattles is another low-cost option for sediment control. They are installed in a shallow trench and form a perimeter barrier around a construction site to absorb water runoff.

The most common Straw Wattles come in 9-12 inch diameter tube-shaped devices and are 10-30 feet long. They are made of woven mesh netting filled with straw, hay or seeds. Stakes are added every 18-24 inches to keep the Wattles in place.

Like Silt Fences, Straw Wattles are labor-intensive for proper installation.

Why Choose Filtrexx Siltsoxx?

Every job site or project has an overall budget attached to it. Labor is often one of the costliest portions of that overall budget. With the fast installation process that Filtrexx Siltsoxx offers, this allows fewer labor hours for the sediment control budget for the project. 

Third party test findings have proven to show that Filtrexx Siltsoxx has better filter efficiency, are more durable over the duration of the project and cost less overall than Site Fence or Straw Wattles.

It is Eco-Friendly and considered a “Green Product”

Green Product Features:

• Recycled Filter Media.
• Cut open Filtrexx Mesh at the end of the project and grade Media into surrounding area soil.
• Less waste with Filtrexx Mesh being the only leftover material from the product.

We at Outpost Construction Supply have been receiving many requests for Filtrexx Siltsoxx from our customers to use as sediment control devices on their job sites. The feedback we have received about these devices has been extremely positive. This feedback makes us comfortable knowing we are offering and providing a quality product to our customers.

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