By Trace Nichols

Floorotex, manufactured by Albert, is a new temporary surface protection product that is revolutionizing how contractors protect floors, countertops, and other surfaces from traffic, spills, equipment, and dropped items in a project area.


This product is very user-friendly: easy to install (saving installation time), durable, and reusable from one job site to the next. Made from recycled PET (polyester) fibers, this product is also waterproof yet breathable, anti-skid, non-tear, and especially useful in protecting floors and stairs in heavy traffic areas.

Floorotex can be a great substitute for protection products that are less durable and more cumbersome to install, such as Ramboard. It is quite flexible – all you need to do is roll it out on the desired area, which saves money by saving installation time. The light adhesive on the bottom side gently sticks to surfaces without leaving a residue. This allows for reuse once the job has been completed.

For those who enjoy getting into the weeds of the technical data…

  • Material: PET fibers (100% recycled fibers), needled
  • Water vapor permeability: 25grams/(square meters)/24 hours
  • Value Sd: 1 meter
  • Water depth: < 6 meters
  • Dimensions: 560 sqft = 40” x 168’

The most common use and benefit will be for construction contractors looking to protect new floors, painters looking to prevent spills, anyone looking to protect stairs or high traffic areas, or contractors that need to cover and protect countertops.

Take a quick look at this short video to learn more about the product:


Contact your Outpost rep today for a sample of Floorotex and to experiment with your new “go-to” surface protection!