By Holly Kirkwood

Be prepared for Winter! Find a Heater!

Why heaters? Because, who wants to work in the freezing cold. Outpost is locally based in Colorado which means the weather is something of a mystery most days, especially in the winter. Colorado will get snow all through the night and in the morning, but it will be melted by noon the same day. Due to the snow, this will often times delay projects and timelines. Lost calendar days due to weather can’t be brought back. Minimize your losses by preventing cold from creating lost workdays! So, what better way to prepare for the changing weather than with the right equipment for your crew.


Heaters don’t change the weather, but they certainly make it more bearable. A Propane Forced Air Heater by Mi-T-M can be a game-changer for your job site and workers. These are often called salamanders or torpedo heaters. It’s easy to use and forces heated air exactly where you need it. All you need is a propane cylinder and a power outlet to get your workers back in action. It is worth mentioning that for this type of heater it would need an adequately ventilated area. Some of its noteworthy components are the following:

• High-performance fan
• Automatic shut-off if power is interrupted or flame is extinguished
• Enclosed gas controls
• Electronic ignition
• One-touch ignition and heat control for easy operation

Propane Forced HeaterFor many job sites around Colorado, we would also recommend the Mi-T-M Mushroom Heater, or also known as the Gas-Fired Convention Heater. It is most effective when heating smaller spaces. The mushroom heater has a 360-degree heat radius for even heating of a room. It’s a gas-fired heater that’s quiet and portable. It's highlights include the following:

• Matchless piezo spark ignitor
• Automatic shut-off if flame is extinguished

When it comes to keeping your job site and your workers warm, a heater is a heater. I think they will just be grateful for the warmth. However, we do recommend these options because of their durability and efficiency. You can snag a heater today, on sale, at www.outpostcs.com! No promo code is needed. Grab yours today!