Inlet Protection

By Carl Hohman

Category: Stormwater/Erosion/Sediment Control

Product: SILT SIFTER PRODUCTS (Pollution Solution Inc/PSI)

Our mission for onsite compliance! Outpost Construction Supply brings decades of understanding and experience in the construction industry. Offering solutions and Best Management Practices to help keep developers and contractors compliant to EPA federal, state and local laws is a focus of our business and one we don't take lightly. Fines and/or the shutdown of operations due to the wide variety of EPA red flags that can jeopardize our client’s bottom line is what we at Outpost want to help prevent.

What drives this onsite EPA compliance challenge? The Clean Water Act is a U.S. Federal law that regulates the discharge of pollutants in the nation’s surface waters, including lakes, rivers streams, wetlands, and coastal areas. Passed in 1972 and amended in 1977 and 1987, the Clean Water Act (CWA) is the primary federal law in the United States governing water pollution. Its objective is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation’s water. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies, usually the result of human activities including construction. If you perform clearing, grading, or excavation activities, build roads, golf courses, playing fields, homes, or buildings you probably are responsible for ensuring that requirements in federal environmental regulations are met.

Smart EPA solutions! We at Outpost recommend Pollution Solutions, Inc. (PSI) for all of your storm drain filtration and sediment control solutions and needs. PSI’s products meet Erosion Control and SWMP/SWPPP requirements while providing essential functional products to mitigate pollutants into our waterways near your construction site.

SILT SIFTERS (Bags & Tubes)

Silt sifters are products that filter out silt and sediment from getting into our waterways to stay compliant with the United States Clean Water Act. These products are moveable, durable and reusable. It’s easily cleaned with a power washer or strong hose and is ready for your next job site. PSI’s patented “bag-within-a-bag” technology is like no other on the market. These innovations make Silt Sifter products from PSI a significantly cheaper, longer lasting product than any site filled rock sock on the market.




Silt Sifter Bag

The Silt Sifter Bag is a 30” L x 16” W x 6” H sediment control device that incorporates materials for both filtration and high flow. The patented dual-component bag-within-a-bag design is the perfect solution for your sediment control on your construction site. The inner bag is filled with 3/8” pea gravel and weighs 35 pounds filled. The outer material is a high-density polyethylene with an Aspen wood excelsior that acts as a filter for capturing silt, sediment, and soils before they enter our storm drains and eventually into our waterways. The filter media also acts as a cushioning agent to reduce damage to the bag. From light foot traffic to heavy vehicle and equipment traffic, the Silt Sifter Bag will hold up well at any job site.




Silt Sifter Tube

Like the Silt Sifter Bag, PSI’s patented Silt Sifter Tube is a dual-component sediment control product that is also designed for filtration and high-flow but is a bit more flexible, allowing for more customized protection such as around grated drain inlets. With the flexibility of the Silt Sifter Tube, the applications are limitless. The Silt Sifter Tube is 60” L x 9” Diameter and weighs 40 pounds filled. It uses the same patented dual-component bag-within-a-bag design as the silt sifter bag and it has handles for easy mobility.

At Outpost we sell PSI’s patented silt sifter bags and silt sifter tubes individually or by the pallet. So whatever your stormwater filtration and protection needs are we have the solutions for you at Outpost Construction Supply.