Kodi Klips

By Joe Kirkwood and Holly Kirkwood

One could argue that there is one way, and one way only, to tie rebar. Well, we’re ready to argue! Rebar is short for “reinforcing bar” and is used for strengthening concrete structures. It’s contorted into different structures to make a concrete pour more stable. The pouring is normally not the issue, it’s keeping the rebar stable and in place. This falls back on the rebar tie and its ability to aid concrete under tension. So, we’re here to argue a better way of “tying” your rebar together to better aid in concrete structures.

A rebar tie is what supports the structure during and after the concrete pour. It keeps the rebar stable and in its best form. Annealed tie wire is the most common form of tying used on rebar. Many are sticking with the “tie it by hand” method, but depending on labor availability, the ways of your world may be worth another look. In today’s day and age, efficiency is a contractor’s best friend. Tying by hand does not provide efficiency. That’s where Kodi Klip comes in. It’s a product that has been around for a while but is still making its way into the rebar tying community’s hands.

No, Kodi Klips are not tie wire. The Kodi Klip gun shoots plastic clips at the rebar crossing points, also known as the rebar saddle joints. The plastic clips take the place of tie wire by holding the rebar in place more tightly than a hand-tied knot. For example, we know that caisson cages (photo below) can be one of the most difficult structures to hold in place because of its cylindrical shape. When the caisson cage is placed in its drilled hole, it can easily shift as the cement is being poured. The Kodi Klip has such a tight grip on the bars that it makes it difficult for the rebar to shift during a pour. The gun shoots the clip out at 80 to 90 PSI, tightly shooting the clip in place. This gives the clip the stability contractors are looking for with rebar immovability.

Kodi Klip guns and clips are made with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. It can help speed of the rebar tying process. It’s proven to be up to 4x faster than a typical tie wire gun and about 10x faster than a hand tie wire tie! If you don’t believe us, just check out the video below:


Customers do have some hesitations with the Kodi Klips. The cost per clip costs more than the tie wire. Just don’t forget your savings in labor costs. To save on clips, we’ve seen some customers use clips for every other crossing (generally a 50% tie ratio compared to specified wire ties is accepted by inspectors, but make sure you ask them) and it still provides the same stability. Another hesitation with using the Kodi Klips could be when forming a window in a building. The clips don’t allow for a diagonal bar; however, they do have korner klips that make installation of these bars a little easier. Overall, it’s hard to break old habits or methods. Hesitations about the Kodie Klips are surrounded by the unwillingness to try new methods.

The Kodi Klip Rebar Fastening System is the perfect replacement for hand tying rebar on site-pour, precast, pre-stressed, and tilt-up concrete applications. We believe that it is your best solution to save time and money on rebar tying and installation. Check out this video to learn a little more!

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