PLS Lasers

By Joe Kirkwood and Holly Kirkwood

One of the newest product lines that Outpost has added is PLS Lasers, known in the construction industry as the “professional standard.” PLS Lasers invented one of the first laser point levels and brought five-point laser, cross line lasers, and green lasers to the market ( They have been contributing professional standard lasers ever since. With so many options of laser size, laser color, rotational, and standard, it’s hard to narrow it all down, but we thought we’d do our best to explain why these lasers are the “professional standard.”

PLS Point Lasers are one of the most common products sold. They are most commonly used for steel stud framing, HVAC installation, electrical and residential construction.

These lasers come in green and red laser points. The major difference being that green lasers are easier to see and easier on the eyes. Green lasers are three times brighter than the red beams and make it ideal for projects over longer distances. The benefits of the red laser is that it is more focused and precise. The red laser is best for steel stud framing because of its accuracy. The red and green lasers come in a 3-point and 5-point.

PLS laser          Green point laser

Some of the most notable and recent updated features are:

• Removable batteries (alkaline, in the future rechargeable)
• Calibrated to 1/8 inch at 30 feet for accuracy
• Passed the one-meter drop test
• IP54 Dust/Water-Resistant
• Pendulum locks
• Replaceable lens (Just need 5 screws)

The pendulum lock is a notable feature because it works great for those trickier jobs. Let’s say you are working on putting up railing. You can lock the laser into a 45-degree angle, avoiding the automatic leveling, and get an accurate railing line. Because of the lock, it also protects the laser during transportation.

Some contractors prefer a rotating laser, such as the PLS H2, rather than a steady beam. Rotating lasers produce a single dot laser making it more accurate up to 100 feet. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, these beams generally produce a more accurate line. The H2 is a horizontal only rotary laser with a simple one-button operation. These lasers are designed for your construction job site, electricians, plumbers, and landscapers because its meant for indoor and outdoor use.


PLS H2                   PLS H2 use

PLS lasers are our choice for any of your job needs. To learn more check out this video. You can find all PLS lasers on our website at