By Joe Kirkwood and Holly Kirkwood

Adhesives can be used for many different projects. It’s finding the right one that can be a little tricky. QB300 is a premium quality, waterproof adhesive formulated using tackifying resins (OSI.com). It’s most commonly used for bonding and installation of plastic foams and polystyrene insulation.

QB300 Adhesives

When an adhesive is petroleum-based, it eats away at the insulation. Because of the way QB300 is designed, it is compatible with foam boards. For best results, it is recommended that you use with at least one porous material. This allows for the setting of the adhesive to latch. There are three methods of installing this adhesive:

1. Bead method – run a steady line across the surface you are wanting to stick. This method is easiest and most widely used in the industry.
2. Spot method - Spots on the surface evenly spaced out (like cookies on a cooking sheet). This method is best used for rough surfaces. this method on wood or metal studs is not recommended.
3. Trowel method - Run the adhesive along the surface with the trowel. This method is used when immediate holding power is needed.


All methods are proven to be highly effective; it all depends on the project you are trying to complete. Whatever method you choose, it’s guaranteed that it will not stain, blister or bleed. Of course, it has to be applied correctly. QB300 is water-resistant, making it applicable for interior and exterior applications, for example, installation of a window. This adhesive also has a high initial grab, eliminating the use of reinforcing nails. Another benefit is its ability to fill gaps up to ¼” without compromising its stability or stackability.

QB300 is most commonly used with the following materials:

After applying the adhesive, you have about 25 minutes of workable time until the adhesive sticks in place. After applying, you can easily clean up the thick, tan paste with a sharp-edged tool. To support the placement of your project you can seal it off with a nail. QB300 is an easy adhesive to use and is recommended for your toughest projects.

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