Ice Melt: Stop Ruining Green Concrete

By Bryan Kentfield

What do pets and concrete have in common? Well, both form the foundation on which life happens. Stay with me here; your dog, or even your cat (if you're one of those people) is beloved, and it deserves the best. The same can be said with concrete. It is what everything is built on top of. It's sturdy, expensive and must be handled with care. What am I getting at you may ask? - SAFE PAW ICE MELT -- a new product supplied by Outpost Construction Supply that is safe for pets and can be used on green concrete. WHAT. A. TIME. TO. BE. ALIVE!!!

Safe Paw

Green concrete, or the state of concrete where it is not fully hardened or cured, is at a very delicate stage. Water, ice, freezing, and thawing are a huge detriment for concrete to fully cure, and these conditions must be removed. Using standard ice melt or salt will cause imperfections or spots in the concrete, rendering it useless or at least reducing its lifespan. Where Safe Paw breaks the mold is in its salt- and acetate-free formula. This provides an environmentally safe alternative, free of the harsh chemicals that could damage that freshly poured concrete -- enough so that Safe Paw is the go-to ice melt for pets and pet distributors such as Chewy and Petco…. ever heard of them?

In a time of ever-evolving obstacles and extreme conditions, we need to rejoice and celebrate when presented with a solution that is this elegant, simple, and safe. Safe Paw provides a solution on the job site and at home – a win/win for all. Outpost Construction Supply offers Safe Paw ice melt in 20lb bags or by the ton, and as always, we deliver. Reach out to your Outpost representative to get your supply today.