Simpson Epoxy Adhesives

By Garrett Brower

Just like your brand-new bass boat needs a top of the line anchor to keep you in that “secret” fishing spot, your threaded rod and rebar will need the same thing in return! Bring in the Simpson Epoxy Adhesives. With the Simpson Epoxy Adhesive series (SET, SET-XP, SET-3G, ET-HP) you are provided a multitude of solutions for the ever-changing conditions on your job site.

With the ability to set within 24-72 hours in temperatures ranging from 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit, Simpson has an epoxy for you! Perfect temperatures and dry holes? Simpson has and epoxy for you! Cold temperatures, and water-saturated holes? Simpson has an epoxy for you! The great thing about Simpson Epoxy is how easy it is to use. Twist on the nozzle, set it in the gun, and squeeze away.


Let us talk about the Simpson SET-XP. A top of the line epoxy. The SET-XP has passed the demanding ICC-ES AC308 adverse-condition test. Pertaining to elevated temperatures and long-term sustained loads. Sustainable under static and seismic load conditions in cracked and/or uncracked concrete and masonry, this epoxy is guaranteed to stick around. With cure times range between 24-72 hours between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

The SET-3G which is one of the latest innovations for Simpson Epoxy Adhesives, is designed to provide superior strength on cracked and uncracked surfaces in temperatures ranging from 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that is a bang for your buck.

Next on our list is the AT-XP, an acrylic adhesive. With the ability to set in up to 80 degree weather, its design focus is for the frigid winter months. This acrylic epoxy has the ability to settle within 24 hours or less in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. While your fingers may not work in these extreme temperatures, your adhesive while!

Now the ET-HP Adhesive is your middle of the pack adhesive. Designed to anchor threaded rod and rebar into concrete (cracked or uncracked), and masonry. You will appreciate this adhesive when used in fair weather conditions. Not too hot, not to too cold.

No matter what the job calls for, Simpson is there to hold it together.


Here at Outpost Construction Supply providing our customers with top of the line products to make their projects safe, secure, and a grade above the rest, is our goal. That is why Simpson Epoxy Adhesives get our stamp of approval. Contact your local sales representative for more information or questions!