By Nick Rollo

Winter has come, is your job site prepared?

Snow tarps are an efficient way to prepare for the winter and the snowstorms that come along with it. Snow tarps are typically:

• 20’x20’ PVC coated
• Made from tear resistant vinyl
• Have reinforced cross webbing
• 4 or 8 loops for connections to cranes or front-end loaders
• Hemmed with double stitching around the entire perimeter of tarp for extra durability

Eagle Industries Snow Tarp

Snow of any amount can jeopardize the flow of a day on construction sites. Having snow tarps can ensure that you're fully prepared for any amount of snowfall that might affect the job’s schedule. They can also save hours of manual labor and labor costs.

Snow tarps are best used to cover surface areas, equipment, and materials from being buried by winter weather. After it’s done snowing the loops on the perimeter of the tarps attach to a crane or front-end loader for easy snow removal. This leaves the area free of snow and ready for the day’s work.

The most important benefit of having one of these tarps handy on your job site is the time and money saved. Shoveling, plowing and digging out equipment can be labor intensive and add extra unexpected labor costs to the overall project expenses, costing you your profitability. Their durability will put money back in your pocket in the long run as you watch labor decrease and material cost drop. 

Contractors all over cold weather states have expressed how important it is to keep these tarps on site. They emphasize that by having them ready it ensures they can keep a more accurate schedule during and after a storm. However, snow tarps need not be limited to winter savings. Any item that does not push a snow tarp over its respective load limit or causes abrasions in the material can be hoisting and moved to its desired location.

Snow is cold, wet and heavy, and most importantly, time-consuming. Fortunately, there is the snow tarp option that makes dealing with it more tolerable and economically friendly on any construction job site.

 Snow Tarp

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