By Nick Rollo

Mar-Mac is an American based company, located in South Carolina, that has been making and providing steel products for the construction industry since 1953. Quality is the most important among Mar- Mac’s company values. In addition to strict Quality Assurance standards to ensure that their products do their job, Mar-Mac has three other key tenants that make up the company’s values which include their commitment to exceptional customer service, providing dependable products, and continually leveraging their industry experience to improve their product offerings.

Mar-Mac designs and produces their products with the customer in mind by visiting job sites, learning about the challenges and frustrations their customers face, and using that feedback to improve their products. In the case of Mar-Mac Premium Tie Wire, the focus is on developing products that improve the day to day of “RodBusters”, those tasked with tying reinforcement steel in concrete. RodBusters consistently look for solutions to 3 problems:

1. Stiff Wire
2. Tangled Wire
3. Wasted Wire

With the user in mind, MAR-MAC Premium Tie Wire is clean, soft and tangle-free. The following types of Premium Tie Wire are produced by Mar-Mac with each offering a distinct benefit to the RodBuster:

  • Premium Black- Oil application makes this a cleaner wire creating less mess during use and when stored.
  • Premium Gold- Plastic coated to resist slipping when pulled with pliers.
  • Premium Specialty- Black-annealed, Stainless, and Galvanized finish offered in a variety of sizes with a customizable option.
  • Premium Speedwire- Softer wire and evenly laid coil reduce tangles.
  • Premium Sharskin- Epoxy coated soft wire that is easy to tie ad increases worker safety.

Why choose Mar Mac? They have a strong commitment to their company values and have been able to maintain that standard while offering competitive pricing. All their products are designed with the user in mind and ultimately reduce tangles, re-work, waste and user fatigue making their products the best overall value.