Titebond Wood Glue

By Holly Kirkwood

There is nothing worse than starting a project to see it immediately fail. We want to start each project, whether it be a home improvement or commercial, with the right materials to be successful. When it comes to strong and durable wood glue, we recommend Titebond Wood Glue.


Seems like it would be pretty self-explanatory, glue for wood, but why use this over other products like nails. One could argue that you can use glue in conjunction with a screw, and they are right. Often times would glue is used to hold the wood in place then followed by a nail to seal the placement. Wood glue has a stronger bond than the wood itself giving it stability and is unaffected by finishes. It is ideal for wood, hardboard, particleboard, leather, cloth and most other porous materials (Titebond.com).

Wood glue has many characteristics and uses. Titebond wood glue is heat resistant and easy to sand down. Making it a perfect option for outdoor projects. Titebond has superior strength and is known for its initial tack. It is water, mildew and solvent resistant and accepts any finish you may put on it. There are Titebond glues that allow you to use across a variety of surfaces. When applying both surfaces should be covered in uniform in thicknesses. You can use small paintbrushes or small rubber rollers to achieve this uniformity. It only takes about an hour to dry and then you are right back to work. A good application means that there is a presence of small beads of glue without excessive pooling or dripping.

Don’t get frustrated with your next wood project, prepare well and get the right products. Outpost provides a 55 -gallon drum option for your biggest projects!