By Carl Hohman

Floor sweep is used for cleaning, dust collection and fluid spill absorption on most smooth hard surfaces. It is simply scattered over the area to be cleaned and then swept up to remove dust and waste that has collected at a job site. But we’ve been asked what’s the difference between water-based and waxed- based floor sweep?


Water-based floor sweep contains only natural ingredients consisting of 100% pine sawdust and water. Water-based floor sweep is used in construction cleanup of fine debris on all types of floor surfaces and in surface preparation prior to installing floor coverings. It contains no ingredients which could potentially interfere with proper adhesion of floor coverings or coatings.



Waxed-based floor sweep contains the same natural ingredients as water-based floor sweep but also contains a floor-finish wax concentrate designed to preserve and enhance existing finished flooring. Wax-based floor sweep is typically used for cleanup on renovation projects with existing sealed, waxed and other polished floor surfaces.

But whether it be a cleanup for an unfinished hard surface or an existing finished floor surface Outpost has the floor sweep you need in stock.