By Holly Kirkwood and Joe Kirkwood

Meet the Solution to Demo Saws' Most Common Enemies:


1. Gas/Oil Mixture

2. Air Filtration


Norton Clipper is an industry leader in job site saws, diamond blades, and abrasives. Most people know Norton Clipper because of their walk-behind saws, qualifying them as a trusted brand. In recent years, they’ve expanded into a vast variety of saws, becoming one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market. The Norton Clipper iLube Demo Saw is one of the most advanced demo saws available. It stands out among the rest for multiple reasons, a few being the stress-free starting, easy maintenance, and its durability. It is a 14”, hand-held, gas-powered demo saw that is durable, ergonomically friendly, and easy to use.

So, what is it used for? To understand the value and the important qualities of the saw it’s best to understand what it is used for. The hand-held, Norton Clipper iLube Demo Saw is most commonly used by general contractors, concrete contractors, and infrastructure contractors. The high-speed, lightweight cut-off saw allows workers to cut concrete, asphalt, wood, and steel with precision, making it the most desirable and cost-efficient saw on the market.

Gas and Oil

Demo saws require a perfect mixture of oil and gas premixed by the user to protect the engine. Failing to make the right concoction could result in a burnt-out engine and a damaged saw, a pricey mistake. The Norton Clipper iLube Demo Saw provides two tanks in one machine, one for oil and one for gas, eliminating expensive oversight from labor that doesn’t care about your tool costs. When in use the saw creates the correct mixture by releasing the right amount of both liquids (depending on the speed of the saw) to lubricate the engine, saving you time and money by getting rid of tedious prep work. Let’s say you are in the middle of a job and you forget the last time you filled the tanks, the sensor within the saw will place the engine in idle mode until the tanks are filled again, allowing you to continue your job without the inconvenience or cost of the engine ceasing.

Easy Start

Norton Clipper has designed the machine with the user in mind, proven by its easy three-step start. To start, turn the switch on, prime the engine, and push the decompression button. It’s as easy as that! Norton’s design eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start making it easier for users to begin and finish their tasks (

Air Filtration

The goal is to keep the saw running during your project. An overheated saw can cause delays in the productivity of the overall product. With its multi-stage air filtration, the iLube saw will eliminate these concerns and keep your project running on time. It’s twin-air inlets pull cold air in while pushing hot air out away from the saw, keeping the 5.4 horse-power engine cool and running smoothly. It’s pulsating air streams keep dust particles from clogging the system.

When paired with the Guardian Blade, this saw has many job site uses. The most common are cutting cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and stone. It is important to note that all saws should be paired with a wet kit for silica dust containment to follow OSHA regulations. The iLube saw can be paired with products such as the Silica Slayer (see our post and recommendation here). The Norton Clipper design is ahead of saws alike in the market. At Outpost, we highly recommend this product to get your projects done efficiently and effectively.

Norton Clipper iLube Saw

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