Quikrete 5000 vs. Quikrete DOT Mix Extended

By Garrett Brower

Quikrete, Quikrete, Quikrete. If you work in the construction industry, especially with concrete, you have either heard of or have most likely used one of Quikrete’s dozens of products. Most people think sidewalks, masonry or fence posts when they think Quikrete, but that is far from where the line stops. Now, I don’t want you to get too mixed up here (buh dum tsss) so we will turn our focus to two of these mixes. Quikrete 5000 and Quikrete DOT Mix-Extended.

Quikrete 5000

We will start with Quikrete 5000. It’s one of the best and most common mixes by Quikrete. Designed for its high early strength, this mix is very popular for those cold days on the job site or that Saturday morning DIY project you’ve been postponing. Exceeding the comprehensive strength requirements of ASTM C387 (Standard Specification for Packaged, Dry, Combined Materials for Concrete and High Strength Mortar) this product is great for achieving 1500 psi (10.3MPa) in 24 hours, and a walk on time of 10-12 hours. 

Quikrete 5000 gives you two options in bag size. 80lb being the most common, yielding 0.60 cubic feet per bag. Also available is a 60lb bag, yielding 0.45 cubic feet per bag. You will want to use this product for patios, sidewalks, steps, walls, curbs, and deck support. When mixing, it is very important to follow the recommended amount of water per bag. This will help you with application and curing. It is recommended to use 6 pints of water for every 80lb bag. Mixing is as simple as adding the water and mix to a container suitable to hold the material and working the mix into the water with a shovel or rake, until you have a consistency in which the mud will be easily moldable. I could give you 5,000 reasons why this is the product to choose, but I’d rather you try it for yourself!



Now we will jump into another spectrum of concrete mix. Quikrete DOT Mix-Extended, which is basically Quikrete DOT Mix, but it is pre-extended with ½” aggregate. You see this product and there is something that may catch your eye. The label “DOT” perhaps? That’s because this is the concrete mix you will see many construction companies using on those fast repairs to bridges and roadways throughout cities and towns around the country. It is a fiber reinforced, rapid-setting repair mix design to meet ATSM C928 Category R3 (Dry, Rapid Hardening Cementitious Material for Concrete Repairs – Surface Spalls, Honeycombs and Minor Defects). Also a rapid-setting mix like Quikrete 5000, this mix achieves comprehensive strength of 3000 psi (20.6 MPa) in 1.5 hours, allowing vehicle traffic on roadways much faster than your average bagged mix.

With a bag size of 55lb (80lb pre extended) you can achieve up to 0.44 cubic feet of coverage per bag. You should use approximately 6-1/2 pints of water per bag to achieve the correct consistency for application. When mixing this product, we recommend using a standard concrete or mortar mix. Ideally, plan on 4-5 minutes of mixing before being able to apply the mix for repair.

As with most construction products, it is important to follow guidelines given so your finished work is something to be proud of. If you have any questions regarding the Quikrete products we carry, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our knowledge is as strong as our products!