Delivery Driver/Specialist

Full Job Description
We're working to build a team that can depend on each other for one another's success. We believe Mondays shouldn't suck and that people are meant to be a part of communities that build things they're proud to call their own. If you want nothing more than a paycheck from your work week, this job may not be for you. We'll give you more than that and we expect the same in return.

Outpost Construction Supply is a family-owned business providing a wide variety of construction supplies to contractors in the commercial, infrastructure and multi-family development business. We focus on personal, on-site relationships that help us identify, stock, and deliver materials.

We are a small team but have decades of experience in the industry and our recipe for success is proven and documented. We are a family-owned business and intend to grow through the strength of the team we build, our customer relationships and our ability to deliver a memorable experience for our customers

We are looking to add a delivery drive position to our high-performing team.

The job:

· Be agile. If desk jobs aren't your thing and you love being in the Colorado sun every day without breaking your back, this role is a dream.

· Stay eager. The job will rarely see a dull moment. There is no normal. Your day is constantly changing and you'll get to see parts of the city you've never seen before.

· Build relationships. We don't think our delivery drivers are package droppers. They're the final step in a process that see great care and TLC for our customer. You're a smile, the best part of their day.

· Be reliable. Our team won't be able to succeed without you and you won't be able to succeed without our team. If one person in the process doesn't do what they say they're going to do, the whole thing falls apart. Your success is integral to the team's success and vice versa.

What we’re looking for:

· The right fit. We’re looking for someone who will fit our culture and dedicate themselves to the team. We’re small and don't have any desire to be like everyone else out there.

· Self-motivation. We’ll give you tools and teach you a plan to succeed, but you must demonstrate an internal drive to bring results to fruition.

· People skills. If you’ve been in any job or avocation where a winning personality, a smile, the pure love of helping people is important, you can use those skills here.

· Accuracy and reliability. If you have used efficient processes in the past and can learn new ways of doing things to ensure the right steps happen in a sequence, you can learn the job and succeed with us.

What we have to offer:

· We’re going to be around for a long time. We are known for quality and service. We have built a solid and respected foundation in Denver and are looking for someone to help build this business for decades-long success.

· Quality training. We’re looking for self-driven people, but we’re not expecting a team member to succeed without proper teaching.

· Great compensation. We offer a fair salary that will allow you to learn and grow in our business.

If this sounds like an opportunity where you can apply your talents and gifts, please respond with a resume. We look forward to meeting you and finding the perfect fit for growth at our company!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $35,000.00 - $40,000.00 per year


401(k) matching
Dental insurance
Health insurance
Paid time off

Schedule: Monday to Friday

Education: High school or equivalent (Preferred)

Work Location: One location